A website, built for you on WordPress or Shopify.


Organize & analyse your data using graphs, pivot tables etc.


Custom formatting for Microsoft : Brochures, Barcodes, Graphs, Mail Merge, Presentations, etc.


SEO, Content Writing, Social Media, E-Marketing


Application, Windows OS and local Basic Data Recovery


Buy domains, hosting, email and SSL certificates at low prices.
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I help many small business with their existing websites by helping with SEO, wordpress speed optimization, e-mail solutions, business analysis etc.

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IT Solutions for
small business & charity

Giles Day has been delivering results as a freelance IT specialist since 2012. I have helped small businesses, charities and families in Canada and around the world. I can provide you with a variety of technical assistance and for local clients (Ottawa, ON area), I also provide best-effort data recovery services.

Due to potential for conflicts of interest, I cannot accept any contracts or sub-contracts with the Government of Canada.

I have over 7 years of professional experience in working with IT; and over 15 years of helping friends and family with IT issues. I have a full-time job in IT, and I freelance in the evenings and on weekends/holidays. As such I try to keep costs reasonable and affordable.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please Get in Touch to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on, or if you want more information about a particular service.



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